Get chitting!

Bought the first and second early seed potatoes yesterday. Maris Peer and Pentland Javelin.


The idea behind chitting is to get them sprouting early in the light before planting at Easter. If they went into the cold and wet soil at the moment they’d just rot away. Will keep them on a bright, cool windowsill.

The maincrop seed potatoes should be on sale next week. The other people on the allotment recommend variety Kestrel because of their resistance to slugs, which are a big problem locally. Will get a big bag of them!

I’ve never had the room to really space out the potatoes, tended to cram them together and crops have been poor. Will be interesting to see if wider spacing gives bigger crops, as the books say. Watch this space!


2 responses to “Get chitting!

  1. I used to put eggshell to keep away caterpillars here in Oz, maybe they would work for our taters too?? Xoe xxx

  2. *your potatoes, to keep away the slugs

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