Monthly Archives: February 2013

Getting tilthy

We always seem to get a ‘blocking high’ in the middle of February, a couple of weeks of very calm weather that’s either grey and foggy or bright and crisp. Whichever it is, it’s not raining! The soil starts to dry out and take up a bit of early spring warmth.


So we went down yesterday to rake over the beds to start getting a good tilth. We had dug over the plot in December, leaving large clods to be broken down by the frost. Ian got to work with his Wolf Garten propagator while I followed up with the rake.


We also planted the onion sets, giving them a good dusting of bonfire ash for the phosphorus and a layer of fleece to keep the pigeons from pulling them up.


Job done!


Spring is around the corner

The January frost and snow has gone, but we’re still not out of the woods yet. Forecast has it cold and cloudy for the rest of the week.

We’ve been busy putting up the greenhouse in Ian’s garden.


We’ve fired up the heated propagators to start off some tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and Kelsae onions from seed.

I’ve also sold my larger greenhouse and started to move all the pots, plants and equipment down to the plot.


Hopefully next week the soil will start drying out so we can rake it to a tilth and get the first broad beans (Aquadulce) and early peas (Feltham First) sown. Will also get the onion sets sown in modules.