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Tidy up time before Chrimbo

Bamboo canes gathered, pea vines dug in, and plot mostly tidied and weeded. Straggly bits on left are Sensya early November sown onions which are going great and were initially planted under fleece to stop pigeons pulling out whilst getting established; just to right of them are some self sown broad beans- lets see if they survive winter! Behind them under netting are Kale/ Leeks/ Swedes/ Sprouts etc- still plenty to feed us over the winter months

2013-12-07 15.28.07


Still producing!

2013-12-07 15.28.30

It is my intention to keep the plot producing 12 months of the year; other allotmenteers seem to have dug everything up, but this is latest haul in early December- beetroot, potatoes, leeks, kale, marrow- even some sweetcorn which appears okay but will be checked more thoroughly later