What a wonderful sunny day!



Well, as the moat had receded, I finally made my second (I think) visit of 2014 to the plot… in better shape than I hoped, and have managed to haul away further crops of Swede, Leeks, Purple Sprouting, Beetroot, Chard and Sprouts. Honestly thought would be a ground clearance operation only today! Soil moist and workable, and despite sunshine, no sunburn!


Top bed cleared apart from the Elephant Garlic (planted in Nov), and rest of bed planted up with Parsnips (Hollow Crown- yes, I am trying again, trying to beat the grand total of zero harvested last year!!!!), Onions (Red Baron & Centurion) and Peas (Meteor).

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One response to “What a wonderful sunny day!

  1. This is wonderful….will look at more closely when have more time but wow! Ian I never knew! I really got the bug this year. Ali and i are growing loads of stuff not done before and digging up the front yard to do it! With Alice its easier to do it on the doorstep so’s to speak!

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