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Unintentional mushrooms, leaving them alone… perhaps poisonous?

Appeared in the wood chippings we used to make walkways between beds, not gonna chance it!2013-09-12 09.18.44


What a whopper…!

2013-08-10 16.26.23


August crop updates…

Been a while…. some crops grew in the meantime! It’s been productive-
* Best crops- Kale, Beetroot, Sweetcorn
* Worst crops- Potatoes and Carrots (blasted wireworm!), Onions (sown too early methinks)
* Hopes for the future- Squash, Pumpkin (roll on October), Leeks

Out of the ground:

August crop updates...

Before lifting:

2013-08-13 12.23.27


Plan – January 2013

Plan - January 2013

Here’s the bed plan for 2013…